“Molly manages to create calm out of chaos! Molly is reliable, positive and a good listener, which makes such a difference when you are working in someone else's space. If you are ready to declutter your life, Molly is a wonderful person to help you make it happen!”
– Maya N., Mother, Oakland

“Molly knows how to take on major organization with precise efficiency. She maximized every minute on the job to accomplish a tremendous amount in two short days.”
– Laura S., Fair Trade Program Manager, Oakland

“Molly is an organizational pro and will be your new best friend. She's multi-talented and very receptive to ideas, not to mention creative. I 100% recommend Molly and 100% Organized for all of your little to all-encompassing organizational needs.”
– Eryn L., Oakland

“Molly exudes professionalism and a strong commitment to individualizing her services. Her follow-through and communication has always been excellent. I've benefited greatly from Molly's organization skills and techniques; she's helped to make enormous tasks far more manageable and efficient.”
– Jeannette R., Mother and Social Service Coordinator, Fremont

“Molly is a fabulous organizer — so good that her process allowed me to get rid of things I thought I never wanted to let go of.”
– Salle C., Artist, Alameda

“Molly has a knack for making a space clutter free and organized, while maintaining the warmth and accessibility of a home or office. Molly knows how to support the emotional aspects of space clearing as well as the physical. I would recommend Molly to anybody looking to simplify their lives efficiently and consciously.”
– Brittany B., Jewelry Artist, Oakland

“Molly is a gem! I highly recommend her services to anyone who would like to make living or working in your space easier. The best part is that she loves what she does!”
– Erin V., Student Service Manager, San Francisco